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Central Valley Monarcas Academy joins Surf Soccer Club as its newest national affiliate, and is now known as Central Valley Surf Soccer Club!

FAQ’s about the transition:

Q: Why the name change?

A: Central Valley Monarcas Academy has signed an affiliate agreement with the nations most successful development soccer organization, Surf Soccer Club, based in San Diego, CA. Proudly, part of that agreement includes our club rebranding to be in total alignment with our 14 other national Surf Sports partners. We will continue to proudly represent our region as Central Valley Surf Soccer Club.

Q: Why are we becoming a Surf Soccer Club affiliate?

A: While Central Valley Monarcas Academy has long been a quality organization in the Central Valley region, our desire to continue developing quality players on and off the field is more achievable when we are partnered with one of the strongest brands in youth soccer. The Surf Soccer affiliate program will benefit our club in a number of ways including i) by making available Surf’s proprietary registration software exclusively to CV Surf members, ii) ongoing coach exchange and support, iii) administrative and legal support, iv) playing opportunities at the “Best of the Best” Surf Cup soccer tournaments; v) Nike Premier Club pricing on the best Nike gear, vi) participation in major sponsorship deals that are network-wide, vii) participation in training with Surf’s top teams, viii) tournament entrance assistance, ix) assistance in exposure to college coaches through the Surf network, x) availability of international touring opportunities, and xi) all the benefits of joining the Surf family and working as a team to accomplish our goals.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: There is no up-front cost that the club needed to pay in order to be a part of the Surf Affiliate network. Surf believe’s more in partnership and collaboration with their affiliates, rather than using it as a revenue generator.

Q: What is the term of the affiliate agreement?

A: The initial term of the agreement is five years, with consecutive automatic extensions. It’s the desire of both Surf Soccer Club and CV Surf Soccer Club that this agreement lasts considerably longer than the initial term.

Q: What is the purpose of Surf Soccer’s affiliate program?

A: Surf Soccer Club has established a network of clubs to share resources, collaborate and partner in projects involving soccer education and instruction, tournament planning and promotion, field development and club administration. Surf Soccer Club hopes to share their expertise and that of their affiliates to build uniformly well-run professional organizations that develop our players and successfully transition them to the next level of play.

CV Surf Soccer Club Coaching, Staffing, Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities!

Q: What is going to change along with the name of the club?

A: Our uniforms will change – we will look similar to the San Diego Surf teams in their colors of royal blue/black. We will now be a recognized Nike Club, and our retailer will be Soccer.com.

B. CV Surf Soccer Club will be looking to add more Coaches, Managers, Board & Staff Volunteers, and Supporting Sponsors. If you would like to be considered for one of our important growing positions, please apply inquire at:

* Board or Volunteer Position: President@cvsurf.org

* Team Coach/Staff/Manager/Trainer: DOC@cvsurf.org

We will be looking for individuals who are passionate about our youth, and willing to work in a Positive Club Environment as a team player. Whether you have a particular professional experience to offer to our club, or just willing to learn a particular position, we Encourage you to contact us!